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How Will The God Hater Change You?

September 29th, 2010

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You’ve read The God Hater, but now what?

We hope you’ll seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance as to how to best act upon what you’ve learned during your reading experience. We’ve come up with a few ideas here:

1.    Read, read, read! Read the Bible. Allow the Holy Spirit to grow you with the truth of the Scripture. Put on the whole armor of God for the battle. Research the great doctrines of the Christian faith and apologetics resources. Learn as much as possible from pastors, teachers, and books. 

2.    Buy a copy of The God Hater for a friend then follow-up for discussion with coffee, lunch, and/or an invitation to church.

3.    Start a blog about your faith and beliefs. Boldly write of your convictions and post videos of your defense of the faith. Invite the hard questions, and then answer them on-camera. Ask your blog readers to submit their questions to “stump” you.

4.    Educate yourself about the various religious influences in your community. Discover the predominant beliefs of your neighbors and learn inside-and-out their faith claims and the ways those claims stack up against Christianity. Be active in your community’s events and institutions, always ready to give an answer for the hope that you have!

5.    Begin a ministry with your church (or campus ministry), partner with an organization, and/or volunteer with an existing ministry to help those persons who are converted out of darkness into light. Often when people leave false religions for the Truth, they are shunned from all they’ve known, including family, friends, housing, finances, and so on. Step into that void and minister not only to their spiritual needs but also to their physical and practical needs.

Our prayer is that you’ll take your renewed passion for Truth to those who languish in a world of lies. We pray you’ll shine as a light in our dark world when you hold fast to the Word of Life; shine as you offer the Word to our “crooked and twisted generation” (Philippians 2:15-16).

What are your ideas for living out the message of The God Hater?

Email us (bill@billmyers.com) and let us know how the message of The God Hater is changing you, your church or organization, your study group(s), and your community. We’d love to hear your stories.