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September 29th, 2010

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While at the University of Washington I had a college roommate who loved to shred my
faith. He never lost an argument and usually made me feel pretty foolish. A few years
back he tracked my phone number down and called me in Los Angeles.

     I chuckled and said, "Oh no, David, have you called to torment me again?"

     He laughed and said. "No. But our pastor said we should call and thank the first
person who started us on the road to receiving Jesus Christ."

     Once again I was left speechless. (Just like old times.)

     "But David, you won every argument we ever had."

     "I know. I'm pretty good, aren't I? And you weren't all that smart. But I couldn't shake
the truth...or your love."
Truth and love. Powerful weapons. We've been dealing a lot with truth during this e-
series. It can change and challenge the intellect. But it is love that does the deeper work
and changes the heart.
Hitchens is a leading militant atheist and a brilliant mind who is currently fighting
esophagus cancer. His father died of it (as did mine), and it's nearly always fatal. At this
moment he's still defiant, insisting he'll never change his belief.  
But other, even greater thinkers opposed Christ only to have their intellectual pride
broken. The Apostle Paul comes quickly to mind. A few years back, Antony Flew, the
20th Century's greatest atheist, rocked the world by admitting he'd been wrong his entire
life. And there are other, equally important but minor players such as Holly Ordway.
In any case, I woke up early this morning and found myself praying for Hitchens. Not
that he'd convert so we could run up another score on some evangelical scoreboard. But
so that he'd truly see the light in this world before he sees it in the next. He'd probably
call me a pinhead and maybe have a little fun mocking me. But as my heart cries and
reaches out to Christ for him, I know Christ's heart will be reaching out to Hitchens.
My point? I hope you find the facts from this e-series useful both in presenting and
defending the faith. But few people ever turn their hearts to God when only their minds
have been touched. We're body, mind and spirit. Christianity is not an intellectual chess
match. It is about a relationship with a compassionate God so deeply in love with us that
He'd sacrifice His own Son so we can spend eternity with Him. If that love is not present
in us than using these facts can be as dangerous as some child wielding a sharp sword,
thoughtlessly cutting and slicing all he comes into contact with.
By all means, please use the facts in this e-series. But let's make sure to spend an equal
amount of time loving and praying over the person we're presenting them to.


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